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How I Got Here... 

Citerra Davis-Robinson of Her Purpose Finance, LLC. started her journey to financial freedom as a struggling college student. Despite her best academic efforts she was forcefully discharge from an out of state college campus due to the lack of finances. While these circumstances can be looked at as normal, they came as quit the shock to the ‘A’ averaging student. There were no financial advisers, no form of counsel received, NOTHING! "Just leave" they told her. So many questions were left unanswered.

Thus, her PURPOSE was birthed.

Citerra was never willing to endure anyone’s ‘NO’ or ‘LEAVE’ due to her lack of finances. As a single mother she managed to repair her own credit going from a 562 to 744 within months. She was able to build her savings on a job earning thirty-one thousand dollars a year and closing on her first home in 2017.

Now a wife and mother of two, Citerra’s life’s goal is to rid individuals of the: ‘paycheck to paycheck’, ‘making ends meet’, and ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ mentality. Her dream is to educate low-income communities on financial literacy. Helping others make wiser financial decisions and breaking the cycle of poverty has always been her passion.

Citerra believes that FINANCIAL FREEDOM is an obtainable goal for all people. Whether you are making thirty thousand dollars a year or thirty dollars an hour. Whether you are working from home or a regular nine to five. It’s all about your subconscious. Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as a man (person) thinketh in his heart (mind), so is he”. Therefore, we urge you to come be a part of the clientele. 

Her Purpose Finance offers credit repair services as well as friendly professional budgeting education.  Whatever your financial needs are Citerra will do her best to help. 

See you soon.